Forget the words, a MATAMA Sunset . "Superb view photo album" *

Seasonal information Media Date:2019/5/29

One of the treasures of Bungotakada city, a sunset on the Matama beach.
Among the wonderful works posted on "Bungo Takada City Official Instagram" Divided various facial expressions ♪

Please come to see by all means.
. . . . . .

What is Koikana Road?

There are many romantic spots on the national road No. 213, which runs along the shoreline of Bungotakada City, including "Majestic Sunset Spot in the Sunset", "Matama Coast", "The Bond of God, Awashima-Shrine", and "Flower and Art Fort, NagasakiBana".
The route that links this spot is about 20km on the route ; a road where you can fall in love " a load of love (Koikana) " .
I am invited by the sea breeze and drive along the coast.
I hope that the time spent on the Koi Road will draw a nice edge.