Kunisaki Peninsula Long Road Trail*


Based on the course of Rokugo Manzan Ritsugo (Rokugo Manzan Mineiri Gyo), which has been practiced since ancient times in Kunisaki Peninsula, we have added a device such as a mountain trail or promenade where you can taste the taste of trekking and walking. It has been restructured as a fun, pleasant walk.
Not only rich nature but also the culture, landscape, environment and natural conditions of centuries-old traditional farming have been accepted and adapted to this region, which has also been recognized as a world agricultural heritage. You can see.
Usa · Kunisaki Peninsula is the birthplace of Shinto and Buddha study.
There are famous stone monuments and cultural monuments all over the course, as well as encounters with unnamed wild Buddhas.

Trekking route selection
There are 10 long trails and 4 courses are located in Bungotakada city. You will have the opportunity to enjoy trekking while enjoying the symbolic views while experiencing the spiritual connections that drift throughout the region. The route covers all the important places. At the southernmost point, for example, it starts with the carved Buddha statue of Kumanoma Cliff Buddha, passes through the magnificent temple with the magnificent Buddha statue, and goes through the fresh valleys of Tanameso, then the Togi-ji Temple and Tennen Pass through ancient structures such as temples. Distances range from 10 kilometers to 15 kilometers, but the degree of difficulty does not count. While some places do not go beyond walking, some climbers have to climb as they rely on chains embedded in vertical rock walls.