Nagasakihana Resort Campsite*


Nagasaki Bana: Coastal Campsite

This cape on the Inland Sea coast east of the city center has been developed as a "resort campsite," complete with a pristine white sand beach and other vacation facilities. The accommodations available range from bungalows and log cabins of all sizes to tent sites. The major attraction is the sprawling flower fields that explode with color at different times of the year-canola blossoms in the spring, hydrangeas in early summer, and over 1.4 million sunflower blossoms in late summer. (Oil from the canola and sunflowers, which is distributed to gourmet restaurants as far away as Tokyo, is also sold here.) Scattered around the resort area are a number of art installations, including thirteen "invisible benches" produced by Yoko Ono, with her poems engraved in their stone surfaces. Take part in the activities-fishing, swimming, sunbathing-or just stroll the coastline on a beachcombing excursion.

Nagasakibana Cape of Flowers and Art @YouTube