Showa-no-machi Shopping Street *

Seasonal information Date:2019/5/31

The central shopping street in Bungotakada City was the most prosperous town on the Kunisaki Peninsula from 1930s(Showa era). Since 1600s period, it prospered by marine transportation, and many transport ships that came and went to Osaka/Kobe were anchored in the early Showa era. Five main lines were gathered, and it became a key point to the peninsula outland area, the coast area and the Usa area. However, it was gradually overwhelmed by the waves of the times, and it became a lonely town like many shopping areas.

And, in the last days when shopping streets were fine, the “Showa Town” initiative launched in 2001 to revive the vibrancy of that Showa 30's. The Showa-no-machi Shopping Street authorized store, which started from 7 stores, has now grown to 44 stores, and now it has become a shopping district that receives approximately 400,000 visitors a year, but the heart of the people of the town waiting for visitors is It does not change.

Welcome to the "Show me back", the closest to you, to hear, to talk, to feel "Showa," which is the closest touchable history.

You can see the "palm guide video" seen on your own smartphone

Anyone who visits Showa-no-machi willingly enjoy "Showa's Store"-a guide video introducing a total of 45 stores, including Showa's stores and major facilities, "Showa-no-machi's Palm Guide".

★ We produced "special guidance video by Showa-no-machi guide" about 14 stores among them.
"see" · · · · · · precious buildings and treasures
"Eat" · · · · eating spots where you can sit and rest
"Buy" ······· Shopping variety stuff
"play" ....... stop by and fun stroll spot 

The movie supports subtitle display in 5 languages (Japanese / English / Korean / Simplified / Traditional) , so you can enjoy the movie even in a lively town I can do it.