Copyright and Links

About copyright

Principle of copyright

The copyright of the contents on the official webs site of Bungotakada City Tourism Planning Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "the site") belongs to Bungotakada City Tourism Town Planning Co., Ltd.

Exceptions to copyright

When we refer to the sentences and images whose copyright owed by individuals or organizations, we clearly specify their references in principle. The copyright of these belong to each individual or organization.
Image data can be our original copyrighted works or commercially available materials. The copyright of these items belongs to each specified.

About links

Our site is basically free to link. Therefore, there is no need to contact us for permission.
However, if a link is set in a page other than the top page, the precautions for site use can be lost or a page cannot be displayed correctly. Also, please note that the contents in a linked page can change without notice.

Terms of use of photos and movies

In "Photos and Movies", scenery and event phots of Bungotakada City (hereinafter called the city) are published.
All the photos are free to use without permission. Please use them for postcards, seasonal greetings, tourism promotion for the city (travel guide book, information magazines, web sites to introduce the city, etc.).
When you use them, please follow the rules below.

1. We prohibit from using the photos for products that offend or may offend public order and morals, or that are regarded as illegal.
2. We prohibit from using the photos for commercialization including redistribution for compensation (postcards, photo books, etc.).
3. We prohibit from using the photos for products that may promote political activities or religious activities of specific organizations or individuals.
4. We prohibit from using the photos to damage our credibility or the image of the city.
5. The copyright of the photos belongs to the city.
6. We are not responsible for any trouble occurred during using photos. Please use them at your own responsibility.
7. The photo images published on the pages other than the "Photos and Movies" page are not allowed to be used.