Welcome to Bungotakada City
Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture is a town where nature and heritage are still alive. The city has beautiful nature inherited over a thousand years, rich culture consisting of history of Rokugo Manzan culture and old houses and traditional events, and you can learn and feel good and old days.

How to get from Showa Town to each spot

Time is approximate.
Traffic conditions are not counted. Please drive safely.

How to get to Bungotakada City

Tokyo (Haneda) - Oita (ANA, JAL, SNA), 1h 30m (14 flights/day)
Tokyo (Narita) - Oita (Jetstar), 2h (2 flights/day)
Osaka (Itami) - Oita (ANA, JAL), 1h (7 flights/day)
Nagoya (Chubu) - Oita (ANA, IBX), 1h 15m (2 flights/day)
Seoul (Incheon) - Oita (KAL), 1h 35m (2 flights/day)
Shin-Osaka - Usa (transfer at Kokura from shinkansen bullet train), about 3h 45m
Hakata - Usa (Nippo Honsen), about 1h 35m
Kokura - Usa (Nippo Honsen), about 50m
Hiroshima - Usa, about 1h 40m
Osaka – Beppu (Ferry Sunflower) 11h 50m (1 runs/day)
Kobe – Oita (Ferry Sunflower) 11h 20m (1 runs/day)
Tokuyama – Taketatsu (Suonada Ferry) 2h (5 runs/day)
North Lier Airport bus (Oita Airport – Bungotakada City), about 45m (4 times/day)
Beppu Yukemuri (Hiroshima Bus Terminal – Tokushima – Ferry – Taketatsu – Bungotakada City, 1 runs/day)
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