About Bungotakada

Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture is a town where nature and heritage are still alive. The city has beautiful nature inherited over a thousand years, rich culture consisting of history of Rokugo Manzan culture and old houses and traditional events, and you can learn and feel good and old days.

Geographical feature of Bungotakada City

The city is located in northwestern part of Kunisaki Peninsula in northern Oita Prefecture, facing Sea of Suonada.
The west side of the city is adjacent to Usa City, the east is Kunisaki City and south is Kitsuki City, there is rich nature, and its climate is warm and agreeable.
The city is 60 km from Oita City and 90 km from Kitakyushu City and relatively close to both cities. Having Setonaikai National Park and Kunisaki Hanto Prefectural Natural Park, the city has many local resources such as rich nature and historical culture including natural landscape at mountain and coast sides, heritage from Rokugo Manzan culture, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, village landscape, Flower cape, Nagasakibana and others.